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Making the divorce process less time consuming, stressful and expensive

If you and your spouse have reached agreement on all issues, including child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, equitable distribution of property, and debt allocation, we offer an easy low-cost option to a prolonged and expensive adversarial divorce.

In all cases we will draft a comprehensive Marital Dissolution Agreement, reflecting the terms agreed upon by you and your spouse. A Marital Dissolution Agreement is a written contract, containing all the terms of your settlement including issues involving spousal support, the equitable distribution of all of your real and personal property, debt allocation, division of retirement accounts, division of bank accounts, allocation of separate property, allocation of tax debts, etc. The Marital Dissolution Agreement may be finalized before or after you file for the uncontested divorce. The uncontested divorce process usually takes about sixty (60) days to finalize if there are no children, and ninety (90) days if with children. When the waiting period expires we will appear in court with you to approve the divorce settlement and enter a Final Decree of Divorce.

If your case involves children, we prepare a Permanent Parenting Plan and child support worksheet. The Permanent Parenting Plan is a detailed outline of how divorcing parents will care for their children. Parenting Plans contain an allocation of parenting responsibilities, the establishment of a residential schedule, and an allocation of child support.

About the Process

The process begins with the filing of a Complaint for Divorce with the court. A Complaint for Divorce is the document that starts the divorce process. It contains the factual allegations and legal elements which, when proven, show the court you are eligible for a divorce. It contains the following information about you and your spouse:

  1. When and where you were married.
  2. Whether you have children together, and if so, their names and birthdates.
  3. Your ages and military status.
  4. An assertion that you and your spouse have lived in Tennessee for at least the past six months.
  5. Your date of marriage and date of separation.
  6. An assertion that your Marital Dissolution Agreement settles all matters between you and your spouse.
  7. A request that you and your spouse be divorced.


If you are considering or have decided to file for divorce, you’re probably like most people and are concerned about the cost of hiring a lawyer. The good news is that we offer a very affordable option to contested time-consuming divorce proceedings.

$550 If You

Have no children

Have agreed on the division of all assets and allocated all debts

Have lived in Tennessee for at least the past six months

(This fee does not include court filing fees)

$695 If You

Have children and Have resolved child support, child custody and visitation

Have agreed on the division of all assets and allocated all debts

Have lived in Tennessee for at least the past six months

(This fee does not include court filing fees)

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